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Name:Natural Living
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A space to discuss natural living.

I would like this community to be about sharing, not elitism or superiority or changing other people. I want to encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas. There is no stupid question and whether someone is new to living naturally, or an old pro, they're all welcomed and respected. There will be no discriminatory or insulting language, hostility, rudeness or elitism (elitism is when someone feels they live more naturally than others and includes debating the morality of people's choices). This is a serious thing, and may result in a ban if the mods feel it is warranted, specifically in cases where there is repeat offense. Everyone here is going to have different levels of naturalness, some by choice and other by situation. All members should be accepting, understanding and compassionate.

* Rules for Community debate:
o No personal attacks.
o Back your argument with a source if you can, preferably a factual source.
o If you make an opinion statement, clearly indicate such.

* If you feel someone's comment is out of line, please contact a mod about it.

* Please tag your posts with all relevant tags from our list.

* Please do not post about illegal activities. (i.e. getting out of drug tests)

* Please do not delete, screen, or freeze comments.

* Please do not re-post the contents (including comments) of members-only (friends locked) posts.

* No diagnosis posts. This includes the "I'm going to go to the doctor tomorrow (next week, 3 months from now, etc.) but I wanted to jump on here and ask a bunch of complete strangers what's going on with my body" type posts.

* Please be respectful of the requests of the author. This encompasses a variety of things, including if the author says they cannot exercise and are in need of other remedies to fall asleep, commenters should not then proceed to tell the author that what they need is exercise blah, blah blah.

* Please be respectful of requests made by a moderator. If you have been asked to edit your post, please do so or it may be removed. If you have been asked to tone it down in a discussion please comply rather than argue with the mod about why you should use that tone.

* Advertisements, Community Promotions, and Vote-for-me posts are generally not allowed unless we approve it as something the members of this community would find relevant. This includes ads/promotions not associated with Dreamwidth. Sales of items or services will not be approved. If your post is approved, you may only post once and *cannot* continue making promo posts indefinitely on this community.

* Posts about weight-loss are not allowed. This includes diets, where the main purpose is to lose weight, and exercise plans. This also includes fasting posts. I know not all fasts are done with the basis of losing weight, however such posts are still not allowed.

* Posts about birth control, home birthing (natural birthing and other such forms dealing with natural childbirth), and menstruation are also not allowed. There are so many communities that cover this area, from specialized to generalized, that any such posts would be better rewarded there.

Interests (122):

acupressure, acupuncture, ahimsa, alternative homes, alternative living, alternative transportation, aromatherapy, ayurveda, beautification, bicycles, bikes, biking, biodiesel, body, body product recipes, carpooling, cars, chemical-free, chemicals, chiropractic, cleansing, cloth diapering, cloth diapers, co-ops, co-sleeping, cob building, compassion, composting, conservation, cooking, cycling, detox, diy, do it yourself, doulas, driving, drugs, ecology, electric cars, environment, environmentalism, essential oils, free range, freeganism, goodwill, green building, healing, health, healthy eating, helping, hemp, herbal medicine, herbalism, herbs, holistic health, home remedies, homeopathy, homesteading, hybrid cars, hydrogen cars, illness, kindness, life, living, love, macrobiotic, massage, massage therapy medication, meditation, mind, natural, natural alternatives, natural living, natural medicine, natural products, natural remedies, nature, naturopaths, naturopathy, nfp, ocm, oil cleansing method, organic, organic architecture, organic clothing, organic food, organic gardening, organic living, osteopathy, peace, permaculture, pollution, progressiveness, public transportation, recycle, recycling, reiki, sewing, simple living, simplicity, simplify, slinging, soap making, solar energy, soul, strawbale construction, sustainability, tcm, the earth, the keeper, thrift stores, thrifting, traditional chinese medicine, veganism, vegetarianism, voluntary simplicity, volunteering, wellness, whole foods, wild oats, wind power, yoga
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